Wolf and Dallas – Payday 2
January 2015

Process and Materials Included:

  • Clay sculpting
  • Moldmaking
  • Resin casting

Fans of the gameĀ Payday 2, my friends and I wanted to create costumes to wear together to an upcoming convention. I decided to create the characters’ masks by hand, rather than purchasing the official and expensive masks which were for sale. This was my first experience with moldmaking and resin casting.

To recreate Wolf and Dallas’s masks from Payday 2, I began by creating a plaster bandage cast of a friend’s face. Once it was dry, I removed the plaster cast and built it up with a few additional layers and support to hold the weight of the clay, and then began sculpting over top of the cast. I recreated the masks based on in-game artwork of the mask models until I was pleased with the replication.

Once I was done sculpting, I waited until the clay dried and then sprayed it with mold release wax to seal it. I created a casting container out of the resources I had (a clementine box and plastic bags) and poured in a silicone mix to create the mold of the mask shape. Once the silicone cured, I removed the mask from the mold, cleaned the mold, and returned it to the support box. I then mixed up some casting resin and after spraying the mold with silicone, poured the resin and let it cure. After it set, I removed the resin mask and cleaned up the edges, primed and painted it, and sealed it.

To make it wearable for cosplay, I then added a rubber rim around the edge and attached black elastic straps to hold the mask on while wearing it. I stretched black stocking material behind the eye sockets to allow visibility out, but not in.

The rest of the costumes were regular dress clothes, bought primarily from Goodwill. For Wolf, I applied a bald cap to hide my hair and added a fake beard with crepe wool and spirit gum.