Deer Skull Creature
February 2014

Process and Materials Included:

  • Sculpting
  • Mold-making and resin casting


I wanted to create an original costume design that used some techniques in mold-making and resin casting that I had just recently learned. I designed a character that would require these techniques, and upon a failed first attempt, tried again with slightly different materials and created the finished costume.

I started by designing the character, which was just a simplistic animal skull with glowing eyes. I liked the look of deer skulls, but felt that I wanted to add a few more features which were drawn from canine anatomy, in order to create a unique creature. I sculpted the skull and jaw separately, using a styrofoam wig head as a base, ensuring that it was large enough to wear over my head. I made indents on the head where the base of its antlers would be fixed, and then I then built a casting box and mixed up a large batch of silicone rubber to create the mold.

Once the mold was made, I removed the clay and cleaned up the edges before mixing a batch of light resin to pour. I poured the skull and jaw separately, then once they were cured, pulled them from the mold. I then primed them both and painted over with a bone-white spray paint, going back in to detail some of the fissures and overhangs to give them more depth. I attached the antlers to the skull by drilling through the base of the skull up into the antler.

I stretched two pieces of black stockings over the eye sockets to block visibility in, but still allow the wearer to see out. I then added the resin eyes, which had been cast with white LEDs embedded in the mold, and blacked out the back of them before gently gluing them to the black stockings. The battery pack for the eyes was velcroed into the nose cavity.

The rest of the outfit was created by layering various stringy fabrics and halloween gauze over top of a fullbody black morph suit, and attaching black faux fur to the skull mask.