Bec Noir (Jack Noir) – Homestuck
January 2012

Process and Materials Included:

  • Foam shaping
  • Fur-laying
  • Wing mechanics/rigging
  • Feather-laying

I consider this the first cosplay that I made which was involved enough to the point that I was genuinely proud of my work. Bringing the Homestuck villain Jack Noir (also known as Bec Noir later in the series) to life would pose an interesting challenge, primarily because of the simplified yet recognizable pixel art style that Homestuck was known for. I took a number of liberties when creating this character, all while trying to keep his design as close to canon as possible.

 In order to achieve the stylized proportions of his head, I decided to create the cosplay using a fursuit technique. I started with a mesh base cap to sit over my head, and then began building up layers and layers of upholstery foam and carving away to shape the head. I wanted the head to look stylized with the same pointy cheeks, ears, and nose as the character’s art in the comic, but I also knew it had to have some degree of canine quality otherwise it would look more strange than anything in a 3D space. I opted to make the nose, ears, and eye area more fursuit-like, and decided to keep the cheeks pointy and not include a mouth on the muzzle. Once I was done sculpting the foam, I laid black fur in the direction of a natural growth pattern, and then shaved the face to make it more trim. I applied mesh behind the eye sockets and colored the excess black, leaving the eye shape white. This allowed me a good amount of visibility while wearing the mask, but kept the thin eye shape that the character has in the comic.

For each of the wings, I attached two thin pieces of long wood at a pivot point with a loose hinge so they could swing. I then attached the base of the wood wings to a padded base which would rest on my back, attached with backpack straps.I angled the wings on the base so they would point upwards, and then used spare black straps attached halfway up the base wood to hold them up against their own weight. I ran a wire down the length of the wood, tied to the tip of the free-swinging piece, held in place with a series of D-rings attached straight to the wood pieces. The wire attached to more black straps which came out of the wing base, and over the shoulder of the backpack straps. This would allow me to pull on the strap, which would extend the wings. I then covered each of the wings with black fur and embedded hand-cut black feathers into the fur. When worn, the wings would be folded, but with a tug of the straps on the front, they would flare out.

If you are interested in seeing my original wing schematics, click here.

To finish the costume, I created the collar which would attach around the neck with snaps, and painted a black morph suit with bright red blood on the stomach. I also created his black sword and painted the end the same way. I added padding to the bottom of the feet in the morph suit since otherwise I planned to be barefoot.